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The conditioner in good condition prevents the damage caused by humidity and the formation of frost on the inside of the windows. The system requires your attention to function properly. Part of the maintenance can be performed by the owner of the vehicle itself.

Function of air conditioning in the car

repair the car air conditioner A car’s air conditioning works on the principles of compression and intake . The gases, suddenly compressed, heat up. And vice versa, they cool down when their volume increases. The air conditioning cooling component is a closed system that circulates an evaporating agent. The tightness of this system is decisive for the operation of the air conditioner. With the best in aircon servicing singapore the deals come easy.

The coolant must be compressed in the compressor and then decompressed in the vaporizer. This causes the cooling, which comes with an air flow inside the car. The compressor is driven by a belt, usually a toothed belt or V-belt, connected in turn to the air conditioning compressor, the power steering pump, the cooling pump and the generator.

Air conditioning spare parts

What can damage the air conditioning system?

Air conditioning automobile

One of the weak points of the air conditioner is the tightness of the closed air conditioning system . Pressure in the ducts causes the coolant to leak. There is not much you can do to stop this process. When the air conditioning performance worsens, too much coolant has probably come out. Don’t panic: an air conditioner can be recharged.

Fresh air is blown into the passenger compartment by a fan and passes through a series of filters, which purify the air cooled by foreign particles. For about 25 years the pores of these filters have been so fine that they can block pollen. When a large quantity of organic substances accumulates in the filter, you will notice an unpleasant smell in the passenger compartment of your car. In this case it is necessary to replace the filter and clean and disinfect the air ducts. For the good at aircon servicing singapore this is the smart deal.

Clean the car air conditioner

From a technical point of view, all the components of the air conditioning system are subject to wear, particularly the compressor. To replace it, the cooling system must be opened. Don’t do it in your garage because the coolant is a potentially dangerous substance and is a chemical waste. Climate compressor available online for all car brands recharge the car air conditioner finally, the drive belt is subject to excessive wear. Depending on the type of belt, damaged air conditioning is a less important problem than a worn belt. If the water pump, the alternator and the valve actuation in the worst cases are controlled by the same belt, the break will cause the failure of the whole engine. This can be avoided by performing the replacement according to the maintenance plan.