Who are end of lease cleaners?


As the name suggests, this is a thorough cleaning and cleaning of the rental property when the tenant goes out at the end of the lease term. It is the tenant’s responsibility to clean the property thoroughly as the recovery of the bond depends on it. A bond is a security deposit that the landlord asks the tenant to provide at the beginning of the tenancy. It is offered to the Fair Trading Department of New South Wales and issued by them at the end of the lease term.

Generally, the tenant must receive a full refund.  However, the landlord or property manager can claim the tenant’s bond if the property has not been properly cleared.

What is included in the end of lease cleaning?

The Fair Trading Department says the tenant should leave the property as it was before. This means the home should be reasonably clean, and the entry of the exit status report should match the entry status report. Most tenants overlook small spaces such as door knobs, light switches, baseboards, window blinds, ceiling fans, and so on. These dirty spots spend a significant part of their bond.

That is why it is recommended to hire professional lease cleaners in Sydney who have a REINSW approved cleaning list.  They are aware of the expectations of property managers and landlords and are able to meet them properly with their advanced equipment and proven methods.

1-Thorough cleaning of rooms

Living rooms and bedrooms should be carefully cleaned without leaving any cracks or cranes. Because the living room is a high-traffic area, carpets should be cleaned carefully.

The most important part of cleaning the end of the lease in Sydney is to cover every part of the house without forgetting any space. So you should start from the top and remove all the nets from the corners of the roof and walls. Then clean the fan on both sides. The next step is to work your magic on the air conditioner and make sure you don’t leave the filter dirty.

2-Kitchen Hygiene

The kitchen is the most used part of the house and one of the dirtiest places to cook and move regularly. Grunge and gram with oil vapor and dust make it unhealthy. Take a look at how it needs to be adjusted to eliminate lease cleaning.

As always, start from the top and clean the ceiling lights and wash the walls. Clean the top of shelves and cupboards and go to the inside of cupboards and drawers.

3-Bathroom hygiene

These areas are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and can also cause mold and mildew infections due to the presence of moisture. So make sure you clean it regularly.

Start at the ceiling and then clean cupboards and towel rails, shelves and soap holders. Be sure to remove soap residue and hard water stains from walls and faucets.

Clean the tub and basin with toilet, tank, toilet seat, behind ‘S’ turn and shower head, shower curtain and faucet. Make sure the stains and blemishes on the white

surfaces are removed.

4-Outdoor maintenance

Outdoor areas such as patios, gardens and garages are the first things property managers see. Make sure they are spicy and spicy.

Sweep the garden to remove all leaves and branches and trim overgrown shrubs and remove weeds.

Throw out trash and End of lease cleaners the trash from the inside and clear the road. Sweep the garage and clean the nets and walls. Thoroughly wash the inside.


Understanding the clean-up end of a lease in Sydney is important for tenants living in the city as it allows them to get their bond back without having to deal with a landlord. So make sure you include all of the above in your cleaning so that your rental space can be prepared efficiently