Peter Grenier Offers Must Know Home Remodeling Tips

Peter Grenier Massachusetts Home Remodel

Remodeling a home is a major decision and could cost a lot of money. Before jumping into a remodel, it’s wise to first do some planning and research. Peter Grenier, a construction expert, based in Massachusetts, provides advice.

“Often, when remodeling projects go wrong, it’s because the homeowner and their contractors didn’t do enough research and planning,” Mr. Grenier points out. “Before breaking ground, first consider what you want your home to become. Also, approach remodeling as an investor and try to increase value by selecting suitable remodeling projects that will improve your home’s value.

If you adopt a haphazard approach to remodeling, you’ll likely have haphazard results. However, if you list out the things you want to accomplish, you can maintain focus and often improve outcomes.

Not sure what you want to get out of remodeling? Wondering if a given project will add value to your home? It’s smart to search around online to see what the experts say. For example, you might want a pool, but in some cases, that pool could actually hurt your property value.

You should also consult with your family. If you rush into a project before getting everyone on board, arguments could break out. Further, by sourcing ideas, you might come across concepts you would have never considered. Home remodeling should be a collaborative effort. Start by talking with the family, and as you bring contractors on board, ask them for advice as well.

Speaking of contractors, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make, per Peter Grenier,  is choosing the companies and people to complete your project. Of course, you might remodel your home yourself. Even then, you may want to bring specialists in to run wiring, lay down tiles, or whatever else.

Before signing the first contractor you come across to a major contract, do some research yourself. You should look for reviews online and read testimonials. Also, get quotes from several companies. This will reduce the risk of overpaying. You may be able to ballpark the cost of a remodel as well by searching for prices online.

Here’s Why Peter Grenier Urges Homeowners to Adopt a Long-Term View

It’s tempting to jump into a project and to work towards completion as quickly as possible. However, you should look at each project holistically. For example, you might want to switch your stove from electric to gas, but you should first consider utility costs. Or perhaps you want to install more oversized windows but live in a cold area. If so, could large windows drive up heating costs? Are there windows you can select that will reduce wasted heat?

“When I work with someone on a project, I take time to explain the potential impact of any given update, both good and bad,” Peter Grenier says. “If you don’t take a holistic view, problems you never even thought of could pop up.”

On a related note, the best home remodeling contractors look out for their client’s best interests. If contractors rush to get the project underway without considering things holistically, you’ll want to be careful. Finding honest contractors willing to dedicate their time is vital.