Painting during summer. How hot is too hot?

Summer is one of the best seasons possible for house renovations, especially house painting, thanks to the warm weather and the heaps of free time. But one of the most common worries you might have is: when is the weather too hot to do any painting? As we all know, exterior paint is supposed to last for a long time once it’s dried, but when applied poorly, it might last less or be less helpful to your house. Here’s our in-depth guide on choosing the perfect conditions during the summer days to make the most out of your exterior painting.

The painting process itself can take a while, so first and foremost, consider your health in the process. As you’re painting directly in the sunlight, make sure to wear sunscreen and a hat to protect you. Keep hydrated as well, to keep healthy for the entire duration.

The main thing to know is that paint thickens the fastest under direct sunlight. It’s hot and humid – causing the water to evaporate. That makes it hard to apply evenly, and it will make it impossible to create a film that’s going to last long over the surface. That’s why the best exterior paint jobs during the summer get done with the help of exterior painting contractors. They can help you do it quickly and efficiently, ensuring the best possible work. Alternatively, if you’re steadfast about doing it yourself, there are some vital things to consider.

Start as early as you can when the sun hasn’t yet started to impede the process. In a similar vein, work on the part of the house that isn’t under direct sunlight. Doing so will give the paint far more time to settle in, but it does mean you’ll have to work fast. A good rule of thumb here is – if the surface is too hot to touch comfortably, then it’s too hot to paint, and you should move on. Keep the paint bucket out of direct sunlight! That will prevent a film from forming and will keep it in an excellent condition throughout the process. Either way, water will keep evaporating from the paint bucket, but a lower rate. You’ll want to add up to one-tenth of the total volume of water, to prevent the paint from getting too thick to handle. 

With the challenges ahead of you, it can be more straightforward and save you some money, in the long run, to hire a painting company to do it for you. Your exterior painting costs double or triple if the paint starts peeling prematurely or has to be scrapped entirely. If you’re looking for experts in your area, say Massachusetts, we can confidently say that EchoHousePainting – house painters in Newton, MA are the best. Great prices, effective communication, and a clean, uniform job in a short amount of time – they’ll help your home look perfect for years to come. You can tell the difference in the job done by an amateur and a specialist, so we encourage you to check them out.